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Risk assessments, safety observations, and hazard and incident reporting powered by voice technology.

Workplace Safety App

Why can't we just talk about it?

A question we heard countless times about workplace safety before creating RiskTalk! Now, workers can simply talk into their device to capture safety conversations as they happen, while managers have access to remote sign off capability, real-time reporting, and live oversight.

Voice saves time & increases productivity

Verbal risk assessments are three times faster to complete than written and provide far more detail. Live oversight enables managers to listen to activities and provide sign off remotely.

Voice means no paper work

No more deciphering handwriting or inefficient data entry. RiskTalk is 100% digital with real-time lead indicators, automated voice-to-text transcription, A.I. insights, photo capture, as well as GPS, time, and date stamped activities.

Voice creates better data

Capture critical insights from every person in the safety conversation in real-time. The browser based dashboard provides a rich and easy to interpret data set to make informed decisions and create reports from.

Encourage workers to think critically

RiskTalk transforms outdated paper-based systems and electronic forms, using intuitive voice technology to encourage workers to think critically about their work, risks and controls.

Capture risk assessments & safety observations

Seamlessly capture safety discussions and encourage critical thinking to help workers make safe decisions.

Remove barriers to
safe work

RiskTalk dissolves the need for handwriting and can be translated
into 200+ languages, helping those with literacy and language challenges.

Report incidents & hazards

Quickly and easily report incidents and hazards. Help manage risk via real-time reporting and access statements remotely.

Reduce risk & regulatory exposure

Reduce risk and improve action response. RiskTalk helps you meet legislative requirements, ISO 45001, and assists with e-auditing.

Dashboard Features

Real-time and remote access to your most valuable safety data from RiskTalk's workplace safety app

Job Safety Software

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RiskTalk Job Safety Software

RiskTalk's workplace safety app is available on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. Simply open the app store for your device and search for "RiskTalk". Easier still, just click on the relevant button below and download our app now. You will be talking your way through a risk assessment in no time.

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