RiskTalk Story

After working in the field for over a decade, RiskTalk Co-Founder Stuart saw firsthand the shortcomings of traditional safety practices.
And with research showing these methods reinforce inefficiency and complacency, as well as being disengaging for the worker, he knew there had to be a better way.
Recognising the frustrations for both workers and management, as well as a vital need to tap into the experience and on the ground insights of workers, the idea for RiskTalk was born.
Following countless product iterations, customer interviews, and a strong focus on human-centred design, RiskTalk is leading the way in safety innovation and continues to evolve into the world's largest voice safety library.

About Us

Stuart Farquharson

Co-Founder - Managing Director

Stuart brings 15 years of experience in improving safe systems of work to RiskTalk. He started his career with large mining organisations before working across a range of industries specialising in heavy construction with a focus on making safety more engaging, efficient and intuitive. Stuart’s passion for improving safety through innovation and tapping into the expertise of workers on the ground led him to develop RiskTalk. As MD, his deep understanding of the industry enables him to produce the best safety outcomes for companies by making use of their inherent strengths.

David Press

Co-Founder - Head of Technology

David plays a key role in leading the business and a talented team of developers to ensure an exceptional product and user experience, with expert support available around the clock. Dave's background running his own digital agency has given him vast experience in web and application development. As Head of Technology, Dave works with clients to seamlessly integrate RiskTalk with existing systems and respond to individual company needs and complexities.