Frequently Asked Questions


RiskTalk works both offline and online.  Our apps store the information locally on the device until a stable connection is found.  It automatically uploads the data to our servers and the dashboard and validates the data.

No manual action is required to upload activities completed while offline.

Yes, RiskTalk has been tested in a variety of loud/noisy work environments.  Every environment has it’s own characteristics, so we recommend testing our app in your environments during trial/testing periods to ensure there are no issues or concerns.

If you do have problems with excess noise causing poor quality voice recordings, we definitely want to know about it.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Yes we absolutely do, however we don’t just convert the text on the device, we store all voice recordings and allow for voice to text transcription on our cloud dashboard.

On demand, you can transcribe voice recordings to text with the click of a button!


All the questions, task lists, critical risks list, risk matrix settings and much more are easily editable and managed in our easy to use cloud dashboard.

Additionally, settings are managed on a per “project” basis, meaning you can control settings at each of your different operations if required.

RiskTalk uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store all your data in a safe and secure manner.  We follow best practise and ensure we use robust authentication and authorisation, as well as transfer all data securely over HTTPS with SSL encryption.

RiskTalk’s computing servers, databases and file storage are all located in the Sydney region with the AWS services.

The short answer is “Yes, absolutely”.

RiskTalk is developed using modern architecture and heavily utilises API’s (application programming interfaces) for external integrations.  We are very forward and open in our approach and try to ensure RiskTalk is never the “block” in integration.  We can even create custom API’s on client request if required.

Integrations are not a simple task, but RiskTalk is committed to making it as simple as possible for third party software integrations.

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