RiskTalk Features on Safety Justice League Podcast

Safety Podcast

We were incredibly excited to feature on the Safety Justice League podcast recently where we discussed how and more importantly, why RiskTalk came to be what it is today. The hosts were unsurprisingly awesome! Hope you all enjoy the podcast and give the guys a follow. https://pod.co/the-safety-justice-league/sjl-presents-risktalk-w-stu-and-davey-p

What Drives Safety Strategy?

Many different perspectives and attitudes drive a safety strategy.   In this blog, I wanted to touch on some personal experiences and learnings I’ve had along the way around what drives safety strategy, including bias and how to avoid it. It is astonishing how often I hear that we need to have the right paperwork and […]

Don’t Get Left Behind!

To make the best decisions for our businesses we need to have the best information. To get the best and most accurate information we need the best data available. I do not think we have any arguments there. If we look at the most successful businesses in the past decade (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc…), […]

Let’s Chat About It

chat about it

Most of us, sometimes frustratingly, have multiple meetings every day. Why?  Because for the most part, face to face conversations are the best way of communicating the facts, our opinion on those facts and creating action from it.  Now, what if I told you that instead of having those conversations in the meeting you need […]

Safety Is Too Sticky

safety is to sticky

In life, almost all living things desire efficiency. Trees lose their leaves and bears hibernate in winter to conserve energy. Hunting animals stay camouflaged to stalk their prey, ants have well-defined roles to create efficiencies according to size and strength, and people build vehicles and roads to get places they need to.  Oddly, many of […]