Do You Want a Faster Horse or a Car?

There is a famous quote (somewhat dubiously) attributed to Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” How relevant is this in today’s society especially in the space of innovation?  Extremely…You’d fall off your chair if you could see how many times companies and people have asked […]

How to Set Your Business Up to Explode Out of Covid-19

Wow!! How crazy have the last few months been? In Australia alone, we have had fires, floods and of course, the dreaded COVID-19 which is causing absolute mayhem for people’s health, anxiety, the economy and businesses. As for businesses, I hope that all your contingency and crisis plans are well and truly activated and, most […]

Workplace Safety Apps for Safety Conversations

safety conversations

As part of the management team here at RiskTalk, a key part of my job is understanding the problems our customers have, their needs and wants, and how technology (hopefully ours!) can fix the problems that pain them on a daily basis.   One such problem we hear regularly is along the lines of; “Safety conversations […]