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Most of us, sometimes frustratingly, have multiple meetings every day.


Because for the most part, face to face conversations are the best way of communicating the facts, our opinion on those facts and creating action from it. 

Now, what if I told you that instead of having those conversations in the meeting you need to write down the facts, your opinions, action them and deliver the same result without talking to each other. 

Could you achieve this?


Not only would you miss all the finer detail about what was said but you’d miss how it is said. 

How it is said places significant emphasis on the importance and urgency of the actions that need to take place.  You would also miss potential stories (humans being natural storytellers) that are told of people’s experiences, which often add to the sentiment and necessity of actions.

It’s Time To Question Why?

So, the question has to be asked, in the safety world, why are we still writing out risk assessments either on paper or digitally?

Possibly the most important control stopping us from getting injured and we are missing the tone and sentiment of how important the actions are! Not to mention that the stories that are told by our experienced workers can be vital in the learning and development of our workers that are new to the industry.

Why are we not encouraging, engaging in and capturing the conversation? The conversation creates real action and has much higher information retention than reading or writing. 

RiskTalk is the only technology that inspires and captures the conversation and organises the voice data to get the most out of your risk management processes to make informed decisions.

If you want to know more, I would love to chat about it.  Shoot me an email, hit me up on LinkedIn, message us on Facebook, whatever your favourite platform, let’s have a conversation about conversations.

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